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Au Fanfics

A place to share your fandom.

Au Fanfiction Community
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For those who think outside of the box.
Welcome to AU Fanfiction Community! This is a group open to anyone that has written or wants to read an AU story of their favourite fandom, or simply look around and discover a new interest. AU stands for 'Alternate Universe', and involves fantasy, supernatural and alternate situations. What if Percy Jackson was the son of Hades instead of Poseidon? Or Sherlock and Holmes were actually first class zombie hunters? Post it here and help to make this the best AU community on LiveJournal!

However, as with everything, there are rules. All posts are moderated daily, and any breaking the regulations will be swiftly turned down or removed.

1. Stories of all genres are accepted. However, this is not an excuse to post slash or fluff. All fics must be AU, and although romance is allowed, any story that revolves directly around a pairing and nothing else is discouraged. There are plenty of other communities that will be sure to accept that sort of thing.

2. This is a fanfiction community, but original works are welcome as well! Stories can be based on anime, TV shows, books, bands, music videos, videogames, or anything else that you like. Crossovers are fine as well. Be sure to categorise everything correctly.

3. Explicit sex, violence and repeated stong language will not be tolerated, be it in fics or comments. Although it is sometimes difficult to tell where something reaches this level, it is your responsibility to categorise your material. Please select one of the following ratings: G, PG, PG-13, R (N-17 is not permitted)

4. Only the admins may edit tags - this will be done immediately when your work is accepted.

5. By posting your story, you agree for it to be archived under the site's fiction list. (This is to help people find it more easily.)

6. Long posts should either be placed under an LJ cut or linked back to your own journal. Links to other sites are also accepted, though it is preferable that your story is on LJ, simply due to the fact that it is easier for people to add comments.

7. Absolutely no flaming is allowed! Please be courteous to other people, and enjoy the site. Those breaking this rule will be warned and subsequently banned if they persist.

When posting, please fill out the following forms at the beginning of your fic.

Based on / inspired by:
Author's note:

Feel free to add anything else you deem necessary.

And... That's it! Please bear with me, since this is my first community on LJ, and I'm doing my best to make it as presentable as possible. If you have any suggestions, questions, or would like to be affiliated, please send a PM to dead-vortex.livejournal.com